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3 2 1 – launch! … and we have takeoff!

LaunchHaving run out of reasons to procrastinate I have finally got around to actually launching this site, which has been far too long in the planning.

Rather than addressing the photo taking aspects of photography, or the hardware side of things (i.e. cameras, lenses etc.) I will mainly focus on what happens in the digital world to your photos once you have taken them. This is everything from when you take the card out of your camera (or scan the photo if you are still using film) to presenting it as a printed photo, on the web, or wherever the projects I have planned for you take us.

There are plenty of high quality learning sites for Adobe products on the web (which I may point you towards at times), but I have found that many focus on the more advanced users. I am hoping to be able to assist people whom I would term beginners or intermediate users, with an emphasis at times on family photography.

In a nutshell I will be assisting people simply to get better results from their cameras without any additional expense. Sounds pretty good if you ask me!

Although it is likely the site will evolve as my readership (that’s you by the way) grows, I will be regularly adding content that covers the following main areas:

  • Adobe Photoshop Elements – the main tool we will be using
    – Video tutorials
    – Tips and tricks
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3
    – Video tutorials
    – Tips and tricks
  • Graphics Design (including web graphics)
  • Photo projects
  • Photo storage
  • Printing photos
  • On your home printer
  • Preparation for printing through a store
  • Computer, internet and technical skills relevant to photo processing

So, there’s our starting point. However, I very much hope that you join in and ask questions, give me feedback, and let me know where I can help you most … as that is what this site is here for.



2 Responses to “3 2 1 – launch! … and we have takeoff!”

  1. Alexandra Popovic Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! My outlaws own a photography biz which is slowly coming out of the dark ages. I’m in the process of learning about digital photography in the 21st century, doing their online website etc so I’ll be dropping by often!


  2. Natator Says:

    Hi Alex, thanks for the welcome 🙂

    Content should be going up as fast as I can produce the video tutorials, especially over the next few weeks. Hopefully you’ll find heaps of useful stuff here 🙂

    Although I have loads of great content planned, if there is anything specific you are interested in let me know and I can always bump it up the list for you.

    Best wishes


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