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The most kick-ass photo tips, DIY projects, and gear?

“The most kick-ass photo tips, DIY projects, and gear”, well that’s the claim the guys at Photojojo make … and know what? I think they put forward a very good case.


I get a lot of newsletters and RSS feeds so that I can keep an eye on what is going on in the world of digital photography, so much information in fact that I seldom have time to read it all. However, I always find the time to check out anything that comes from Photojojo … because they are heaps of fun!

Subscribe to their “newsletter” and once or twice a week (it is not high volume and in all the time I have been following them I have not had a single spam email from them) you’ll get really great, always fun, tips tricks and projects.

For instance, some of my favorite articles over the last few weeks have been:

  • How to mount your camera on a kite (yikes! – not with my SLR you don’t!)
  • How to mount your camera on your bike (ok, need a bike for that one)
  • Neat photo bookmarks (yes, printed books do still exist)
  • A guide to road trip photography (not a long trip if on your bike)
  • Your photo on a M&M (yes, really!)
  • Tips for becoming a greener photographer (in the tree hugging sense)
  • DIY camera case
  • Making personalized pencils (I did this one and they came out great!)

The list goes on, and the scope of their projects is endless.

Sometimes they present a project idea, with a walk through on how to do it yourself that I will pick up and run with here. For instance, with the personalized pencils they show you how to make them from an existing photo. I might work with you to create a fun starting photo that will then feed into their pencil making project.

They sometimes highlight useful or quirky photographic gadgets as well, one of which I will write about sometime soon as it is simply awesome.

So, there you go. I would highly encourage you to check this site out and get their free newsletter because as far as I am concerned it simply rocks.



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