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Resizing Elements Window

Just a quick unplanned post, as others may run into this foible themselves.

I was mid working out the finer points of how to produce the video tutorials, that will start appearing on the site shortly, when I ran into a small problem. As I always run Elements in a full screen window I had never attempted to resize the Window it runs in. However, for video production my screen is far larger than I can use (as the video files would be massive) so I decided to make the window smaller. Easier said than done … sort of.

No matter what I tried with the mouse I could not grab the top, sides or even corners to resize the window (obviously not in “maximum” window size) to resize the window. Ten frustrating minutes later I stumbled into how to do (ok, so maybe I am as blind as a bat).

Rather than use the standard drag to resize you usually find in Windows Adobe have the window so you can only resize from the BOTTOM RIGHT corner. Using that corner it is as simple as ever to resize. In my frustration I had tried every corner, edges etc other than that one, and although by looking closely you can see the corner is different for resizing it it not readily apparent.

So, not worth a tutorial but I thought I’d mention it in case others encounter the same “problem”. Ok, so this is trivial I admit … but not if you get stuck hunting for it.

Strange how after many years with Elements I had never needed to resize the window before. I wonder what else I’ll discover during the video creation process 😉



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  1. M Taggart Says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderul videos! This is such a great starting point for me!

  2. Natator Says:

    My pleasure 🙂

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