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Mac vs PC Commands Confusion

I am not going to venture into the Mac vs PC debate as let’s face it, too much blood has already been split on both sides in that one. I am currently using a PC platform, for various reasons beyond my control (ok, financial reasons as I can’t afford to buy a new Mac laptop right now) but I definitely do prefer the Mac, especially for photo editing and video work.

However, the observant amongst you will spot that the tutorials, for now at least, are made using a PC.

You’ll find that some video tutorials, and even book, with give you Mac commands, some will give you PC commands and some will give you both.  I don’t think there is a right or wrong solution to this as it depends on your audience, who are likely to be both Mac and PC, but giving both commands can also be confusing.

Luckily, it is simply a matter of terminology, and not all that many terms to translate.

So, here are a couple of simple conversion tables. Most people should only need the smaller version (see above), but I have done a version with slightly more detail for those that prefer it (see below).

Feel free to use it on youir own web site, but please give me credit, ideally a link to here, if you use it. Thanks.



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