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Photoshop Elements Keyboard Shortcuts – Mac and PC

An excellent way to speed up your editing in Elements, on either the Mac or PC, is to start using keyboard shortcuts.

When I first started photo editing I did everything using the pulldown menus, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so. As I became more proficient I found myself starting to use keyboard shortcuts. Even those these may seen, to some, an antiquated approach (who else remembers the days of using something like Wordperfect with huge keyboard overlays to help you remember eleventy hundred keyboard shortcuts?) they can greatly increase your speed when doing common tasks. For instance, it is far faster to do “<command>o” to open a new file than it is to select the correct menu pulldown with your mouse.

So, I have composed a list of shortcut keys to help those that wish to use them. The list is not exhaustive but it covers all of the ones that I feel you are likely to use frequently enough to make them worth remembering.

Don’t worry if you do not understand what all of these keys do yet, all will become clear as we explore deeper into the wonderful world of Elements.

In addition to the images above, which have limited practical use in this format, I have provided you a PDF which you can download to use or print. If you do not have Adobe Reader to access this file you can get it for free from here.

Download printable version

You are welcome to use this document however you wish, even put it on your own web site or blog, as long as you do not remove the Dark Side of the Lens information shown within. A link back to here will also be very much appreciated.




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  1. PlugIM.com Says:

    Photoshop Elements Keyboard Shortcuts…

    A cheat sheet of keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop Elements…

  2. Vaudry Says:

    Sorry, I got an error message when I tried the printable download, with a black screen.
    The downloaded PD F file was secured and did not permit printing. Can you help?

  3. Natator Says:

    Hi Vaudry

    It was doing that for some reason a while ago but I thought I had fixed it.

    It downloads and prints for me. Could you kindly try again, making sure it downloads fully, and let me know how you go. Maybe it was just a glitch in the system when you tried.

    Is anyone else still having problems?

  4. thedailydigi.com » Blog Archive » Scrap Faster (and easier!) Says:

    […] THIS SITE has a printable pdf document for Photoshop Elements (PC and Mac). […]

  5. tin Says:

    thank you for sharing! very much appreciated!

  6. Ramie Says:

    Thank you!

  7. Natator Says:

    My pleasure 🙂

  8. How to Get Six Pack Fast Says:

    Hey, nice tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a glass of beer to that person from that forum who told me to visit your site 🙂

  9. Natator Says:

    Excellent 🙂

    Do you remember what forum that was by any chance?

  10. peter Says:

    thanks again, very useful

  11. Natator Says:

    No worries 🙂

  12. virzi2816 Says:

    These videos are terrific. It made working with layers so much easier. Thanks!!!

  13. Natator Says:

    Glad they help 🙂

  14. Colin Sarkodie Says:

    Really great article! I found it really informative. I’ll be checking back here again soon! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  15. Miya Says:

    Excellent – very helpful, thanks!

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