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Say hello to Robert

Yes, I have been slack over the last few weeks, sorry. But I do have a rather valid excuse 🙂

Our baby, Robert, decided to arrive somewhat earlier than we expected, over 4 weeks early in fact. He spent some time in the special care unit, but has just come home and is doing very well indeed. What with constant hospital visits and looking after my 2 year old while my better half was in hospital with Robert, I have not had time to scratch myself recently, let alone post here.

Can I be forgiven? Have a look at these couple of pictures and well, I think he is cute enough to have me forgiven 🙂

Hopefully I’ll get to produce some more videos starting next week, or the week after at the latest. So, hang in there please 🙂



4 Responses to “Say hello to Robert”

  1. vighi Says:

    Congratulations !

    I discover only today your blog and I appreciate it !

    many congratulations to you and your wife for Robert

    Greatings from Milan, Italy


  2. Natator Says:

    Grazi Maurizio 🙂

    We are rather proud of our little boy, and I admit I like showing him off.

    I hope you will get lots of good information from the site in the coming weeks and months.

    All the best


  3. Jeff Wright Says:

    Your video tutorials of masks and adjustments layers is by far the clearest and easiest I have ever seen. I have never really fully understood adjustment layers and masks before I saw your videos. Thank you so much for making these available to us!! It was your comparison (PSE versus regular Photoshop) which made everything crystal clear to me. And congratulations on your new baby!

  4. Natator Says:

    Thanks Jeff 🙂

    Feedback like that tells me I seem to have got my formula right (no point in doing them unless people find them useful afterall).

    Thanks for the congrats as well. He has a couple of awful months with reflux but has now turned into a smiling gurgling little ball of fun.



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