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Tutorial images now available

The tutorial images for the earlier tutorials are now available in the free member’s area.

I apologise that these took me a while to get up but things here have been somewhat out of control, to put it mildly. I still intend toi recommence producing videoa within the next week as I have a heap already planned.

So, go download the images if you want to use these rather than your own images to practice the techniques in the tutorials.




5 Responses to “Tutorial images now available”

  1. Brian Leonard Says:

    Regarding your tutorial on the aircraft: When completing the image how do you then save the finished product as a new image?


  2. Natator Says:

    Hi Brian

    You are the third person who has asked this, so I am going to make saving images one of the next tutorials. In the meantime a quick answer is:From the pulldown menu at the top go to LAYERS and FLATTEN IMAGE as you can’t save layered files as all file types. Then go FILE and SAVE AS and save it as a JPEG (smaller but loses some quality) or TIFF (larger but better quality). If you are going to use images on the web then have a play with the SAVE FOR WEB option under FILE.

    Hopefully I’ll find some time and do a video tutorial on this in the near future.



  3. Nort Says:

    First, let me say Thank You. Your tutorials really helped!

    I am a new Elements 6 user on an iMac computer. A real newby for sure. I was able to follow along with each tutorial and each really helped. I was excited to see your note that the pictures used in the lessons were available, so I registered and opened up the free members area. ( I could find no “free members area”, but I did find a “free members video” area, so I clicked on that link. I was unable to find the picture files. What did I do wrong? Thanks again for your super tutorials and help.

  4. Natator Says:

    Hi John, glad these are helping you 🙂

    To get to the images I used click on the largish white button in the middle column. If you are not logged in it will prompt you to do so.

    You should see a page with all the videos on it, each linked to by a thumbnail picture (like on the mail post).

    Underneath the thumbnail it says, when they are available, “Download the images used in this tutorial here” and the word “here” is the link.

    If you are still having problems please let me know.

    All the best


  5. syd hughes Says:

    hello simon,i have just come across your site on youtube.and viewed some of your videos which i shall go bsck too.i am so new to photoshop through buying elements 8 and to say its complicated is an understatement but hopefully useing some of your videos
    i shall become more proficent in time.in the meantime i hope your getting some sleep now that the babe is getting older and giving you and your partner some rest,but i bet you wouldnt swap any of the sleepless nights that your lovely baby has brought you.
    anyway thank you for allowing me and people like me a chance to enjoy photoshop.

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