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Out and about for a few weeks

Gone Walkabout

Well, it’s that time of year and I am going off for a break, returning mid February.

During this time I’ll not be updating the blog as I will only have sporadic access to the web.

Unfortunately comments, questions, requests etc may take a little while for me to get to, but I will get to them sooner or later I assure you. Comments will be delayed in appearing on the blog as due to spammers I have to set it so they need “approval” or else I getgreat offers for all sorts of odd things appearing as “comments” (Akismet does a good job with most though I admit).

So, have a great month and I’ll get back intro video production as soon as I return (or do I mean recover?).



7 Responses to “Out and about for a few weeks”

  1. Judith Barat Says:

    When will you be adding more videos? They are very educational and easy to follow. As a newbie to Elements 6 you are making the learning process much easier. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Judith

  2. Natator Says:

    Hi Judith and thanks for the kind words.

    I hope to do the next video next week. My ideal plan would be to produce a new video every week this year. However, with a (newly turned) 3 year old and my baby finding the time to do so is somewhat difficult, especially as this is just a hobby (unless some kind soul wants to employ me to produce videos – I wish!).

    So, I’ll get out videos as often as I can, but can’t promise how often that will be, sorry.



  3. Doody Says:

    Simon ….Just come across your site and I have to say it is fantastic…..just love the way you get across your tutorials. Having read numerous books and visited many sites I had almost given up. You have a knack of hitting just the right level. Keep up the good work and congrats on the new Bub….


    PS if you can get round to showing how to get rid of bad skies that would be great.

  4. Natator Says:

    Thanks Doody 🙂

    I’ve email’d you about the skies. If you don’t get that drop me an email please.


  5. MauricioBaez Says:

    Have to say that your site and videos are brilliant.
    Your stepxstep videos took me to learn adobe elements basics to the point I now understand a lot more on layers, etc.
    If you had a paypal donation button people like me would donate money to you so you’d feel rewarded financially for this work, that I repeat, it’s very cool.
    And there is of course the natural gratification of sharing your knowledge with the world 😉
    Keep it up
    See you

  6. Natator Says:

    Thanks for the great comment Mauricio 🙂

    I never thought of a “donation box” but thanks for the idea.

    I have simply been far too busy to get to here for months now, and I hate that as I really miss doing the videos.

    However, I am working on a plan to at least get something happening again here in the next month or so.



  7. stoffie Says:

    Hi Simon

    Thank you for the vidios. The best I must say. Anything new on the way.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.


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