Dark Side of the Lens

New tutorials all recorded!

ClapperboardIt has taken a while, but I have finally completed recording, and editing, the new tutorials I am producing for my upcoming iPhone App and then the enhanced eBook.  Very exciting!

I have created over 40 new videos, yes 40, which I am confident you will learn heaps from.  They follow a path through the various tools in Photoshop Elements, then many of the most useful techniques, and finally putting everything together with some fun projects.  The aim is to take the novice, or very inexperienced, user through a series of tutorials so you gain an understanding of, and confidence with, Photoshop Elements so you can start do spectaculat edits on your own photos.

Next I need to build the App, and eBook, around them.  I’ll post a list of the tutorials up in the next few days.

Watch this space 🙂


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