Dark Side of the Lens

Restarting Dark Side of the Lens blog!

Recently things have been frantically busy for me, and sadly as a result my blog has fallen into disuse. But fear not, as I am sure you were terrified, as it is being resurrected!!! Not only am I resurrecting it, it will be bigger, better, and reaching out into the new world of Mobile Apps and Video eBooks


I am also looking at putting a system in place so that I can better answer people’s questions on Photoshop Elements or on my videos. I am mid setting something up for that and will announce it as soon as I have it completed. I believe this will be far more effective that leaving comments only on the blog, as has been the way, and a way for me to to be a lot more interactive with you all.

The main focus of the blog will still be on learning Photoshop Elements but I will also use it for digital photography in general, as well as keeping an eye open for the sort of things in the world of photography that I hope you will find interesting and of benefit.

I’ll be using the latest version of Photoshop Elements, Version 9, but as usual, most of the techniques I demonstrate can still be applied to older versions of Elements, and even to Photoshop CS (in all it’s flavours) .

So, watch this space, as I have a great deal planned, some almost ready to go, in the next few months..




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