Dark Side of the Lens

List of upcoming videos – over 40 of them!

Here is a quick list of the video tutorials for the upcoming App.  Most are about 15 minutes long.

I have divided them, here and in the App, into three sections.  The first looks at the tools in detail, the second delves into the most useful techniques, and finally some projects putting everything into practice, so you can use what you’ve learned on your own photos.

So, here they are:


Introduction to Tools
Brush Tools
Eraser Tools
Magic Wand
Lasso Tools
Quick Selection Tools
Selection Tips
Move, Zoom, Hand & Eyedropper Tools
Marquee Tools
Crop and Recompose Tools
Text Tools
Smartbrush Tool
Clone Stamp Tool
Paint Bucket Tool
Gradient Tool
Shape Tools
Spot Healing & Healing Brush Tools
Red Eye Removal Tool
Straighten Tool
Colour Picker
Blur, Sharpen & Smudge Tools
Sponge, Dodge & Burn Tools


Introduction to Techniques
RGB Colour
Enhancing Colour – Part 1
Enhancing Colour – Part 2
Introduction to Layers
Layer Masks
Adjustment Layers
Filters Overview
Resizing Photos
Saving Your Work

And more to come in the future!


Introduction to Projects
Digitally Framing a Photo
Create Your Own Postcard
Using Photoshop Elements Organizer
Faces in Photoshop Elements Organizer
Selective Desaturation
Hand Colouring a Photo
Creating a Photo Collage
Text Effects

And more to come in the future!


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