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Adobe announces Photoshop Elements 10

Photoshop Elements 10Adobe has just announced the upcoming release of the next version of Photoshop Elements 10. The trial will be available at the end of this month, which will probably be when the full product is available as well.

What’s new?  Well, it appears that most of the improvements are within Organizer, with some nice little tweaks to that.  For instance, with the “faces” functionality you can now include things other than (human) faces and include pets, or other objects like your car for instance.  There also appears to me new functionality to help you find, and clean up, duplicate photos on your hard drive.

For image editing the main features appear to be improvements to the, already great, Smart Brush tool, improvements in how you can handle text (e.g. as in Photoshop CS5 you can attach it to paths), and some nice features to help you digitally control your “depth of field: in your photos.

For more details visit the Adobe site here. You can sign up to be notified when the trial version becomes available.

What does this mean to here and the EasyPSE iPhone/iPad application?  Well, all the existing videos will still be valid with the new version and I’ll add additional videos where applicable for changes to tools such as the Smart Brush Tool.  The functionality of the vast majority of tools isn’t going to be effected.

Should you upgrade?  Always a hard question with software, especially when updates come regularly.  Well, I’ll be upgrading due to the nature of what I am doing here.  I would suggest you download a trial first if you are thinking of upgrading and having a look first.  Adobe do offer an upgrade path that can save you $.  If you are about to purchase Photoshop Elements for the first time then I would suggest being patient, as you may as well get the latest version to start out with.


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