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Photoshop Elements 10 now shipping

Elements 10Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, along with Premiere Elements 10 are now available for trial or purchase as of today. There is an upgrade option if you own a previous version of the product(s). Here’s a link to the Adobe site where they list some of the cool new features.

Be aware that, regardless of if you are buying a new version or upgrading, if you want a physical copy of the software (i.e. the DVD/box rather than electronically download) Adobe are offering free shipping if you order before November 20th.  I’m not sure if this applies to all countries but it certainly does within the US, Australia, and I suspect Europe at least.

One thing Adobe have done, that I admit really annoys me with software companies ….. With an electronic download why can you buy this product for US$79 (upgrade) in the USA but here in Australia it costs me AU$123 (upgrade). Ok, some of that is GST (a local sales tax) but even without that it is still AU$112. Given that currently the Aussie $ is stronger than the US this is very wrong. Cost to produce a digital download is exactly the same, especially when my digital download comes from the US Adobe server anyway. Ok, that’s my rant over.


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