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Mac users be aware …

Mac WarningI am a huge fan of both Apple and Adobe, but have just come across something concerning an overlap between the companies that I felt I should make other Mac users aware of.

Apple recently introduced their online app store for Mac OSX (think of the iTunes app store but for laptop software).  This is a fantastic system they have created here, in my opinion, as rather than have boxes all over the place with licences you need to keep track of, you cab buy through this store, get your software automatically, and then later updates the same way.  I love it and am disappointed that I can’t transition some of the apps I have previously purchased physical copies of over to this system.

However, I have just spotted a problem with the version of Photoshop Elements 9 that is on the app store, which may well still be the case when they get around to putting Elements 10 up to replace it.

The actual product is called “Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Editor” … note the addition of the word “editor” there.

Despite the price being not much less than the actual Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 this version is only the editor parts of the product and does not include the Organizer.  I really think that this should be made clear in the product description but it is not, people are expected to realise from the subtle name change.  It seems to be catching a lot of, rather unhappy, people out.

If you are looking at purchasing Photoshop Elements I would now obviously suggest getting version 10 anyway.  If for any reason you specifically want version 9 then I would suggest that it is better to spend a few more $ and get the full version, as the Organizer is a great product.  See this post for a video on the Organizer.


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