Dark Side of the Lens

Levels – A new level of power


Here we go, another video from the EasyPSE iPhone/iPad video tutorial app, available on the Apple iTunes Store.  

I recall when I first came across "Levels", many moons ago, I was blown away but how easily, and quickly, I could make this one simple change and have my photos immediately jump in quality.  Unless you are lucky, or very good, and get your lighting perfect, then "Levels" is a great way to adjust your photo so you end up with crisp blacks and sharp whites.

One very common problem this will fix, for instance, is when you photos just look a bit grey and dull, rather that the brighter colours and contrast you were hoping for.

Don't be put off if this looks a little complicated initially. Follow the tutorial and you will quickly see it is not nearly as hard as it looks, and you will be truly amazed by some of the results you can achieve in the matter of a few seconds.

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