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Spot Healing Brush

Spot Healing Brush

Another video from the EasyPSE iPhone/iPad video tutorial app, available on the Apple iTunes Store.  

I don’t like the style of over air brushed images you typically find on magazine covers. I believe that a photo of a person, unless for some other specific reason, should truly reflect what that person actually looks like … warts and all, as it were.

But what happens if on the day of the photo shoot your model happens to have a zit/pimple, something temporary they may not want shown on the photo (and you probably don’t want it there as a photographer either)? What do you do if you have a speck of dust on your sensor you need to remove in post-processing?

Well, that’s where the Spot Healing Brush comes into play. Use this tool correctly and you have a fantastic tool for removing these minor blemishes … just don’t get too carried away.

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