Dark Side of the Lens

About me

I have been online since pre-interweb times (oh, for the days of “talkers” and “bulletin boards”) and have been working in the world of IT from back when the internet was only a twinkle in a geek’s eye.

Although I have worked in IT for most of my career, usually for big businesses, my formal qualifications are as an ecologist/biologist. I am also a semi-professional photographer, which is where my blog comes in.

Why did I decide to start this blog?

I get so many requests from friends, and friends of friends, to help them with their photos, solve their technical problems, or teach them how to use photo editing software that I decided to put together something to help them, without me needing to go over the same ground time and time again. Originally I was going to start a Yahoo Grouip (or similar) for this purpose just for my friends. However, I decided that I might as well approach it this way and be able to help a far wider audience, and even make more friends in the process.

Yes, I know there are already many sites that teach people Photoshop and Elements. Many of these are really excellent resources which I have made use of myself. However, they often cater for the more advanced users, or mix advanced techniques with the more simple approaches, and thus the novice and intermediate user can easily become lost. It is also often a case of needing multiple sites, picking the bits you need from each location.

So I decided there was a need for a new site to cater for the home user, beginners and intermediate users, without getting too deep into the infinitely finer details but at the same time providing a depth of knowledge that will allow you to greatly improve your photos.

As the site grows I hope it will become a resource and a friendly community for budding photographers everywhere.