Dark Side of the Lens

About you

You are about 5’9″, with dark brown hair, a dog called Clarence and an odd birthmark on your left shoulder in the shape of a tractor.

Ok, maybe not.

Most web sites have an “About Me” page, but why not have an “About You” page? In this case the “About You” page describes my “target audience”. If you read this and think “yeah, that about describes where I am at” then you should find heaps of information to help you (as the site grows at least).

Broadly speaking you will simply be someone who wants to get more from their photos. You might have an entry level “point and shoot” camera or a high end dSLR. This might be your first camera, you could be an experienced photographer venturing into the world of photo editing, or an enthusiast looking for new tips and tricks to enhance what they do already.

Rather than just take your photo and show it to people, either on your computer or printed off, you might want to:

  • Improve the general quality of the photo, such as sharpness and color.
  • Resize the photo for printing.
  • Remove that annoying red-eye on Uncle Bert.
  • Take out that plant that seems to be mysteriously growing out of Grandma’s head.
  • Make a collage of photos from your vacation.
  • Prepare that special photo for printing on a mouse mat, cushion cover or the like.
  • Start learning photo editing skills on your progress to become a photo professional.

The list is endless, but I think you get the idea.

No matter how good or bad a photographer you are, the vast majority digital of photos can be improved using photo editing software, often with only a couple of tweaks that take seconds to perform.

Hopefully you will be someone keen to learn, with a sense of humor, who also enjoys joining in with comments and discussions.

So, waste no more time, subscribe to the RSS feed and my newsletter (all for free) and bookmark this site to become a regular visitor 🙂