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Create a collage
Sunday, February 12th, 2012

About time we had a project from the EasyPSE iTunes App from the Apple iTunes Store.   This is a simple project in which several images are blended into one to form a collage. In this example I’ve used some photos from a holiday to Thailand, but you could use this for just about anything […]

Mac users be aware …
Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

I am a huge fan of both Apple and Adobe, but have just come across something concerning an overlap between the companies that I felt I should make other Mac users aware of. Apple recently introduced their online app store for Mac OSX (think of the iTunes app store but for laptop software).  This is […]

Competition win
Sunday, June 19th, 2011

This photo of mine just won first place in the Fantasy category for the Australian 2011 Beauty Professionals awards, so I thought I’d share it here. The amazing artist who painted this is Kelli MacAlpine and the beautiful and very graceful model is Jes Cameron. This other photo of mine, also came fourth in another […]

Over 6 hours of new video tutorials coming shortly!
Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Have just finished the final touches to the videos for the app. I knew how many I’d done, obviously, but had not realised quite how much video I’d produced. It has ended up being over 6 hours of video tutorials for people! My original aim was for about 3, so I am really delighted.

New tutorials all recorded!
Sunday, May 29th, 2011

It has taken a while, but I have finally completed recording, and editing, the new tutorials I am producing for my upcoming iPhone App and then the enhanced eBook.  Very exciting! I have created over 40 new videos, yes 40, which I am confident you will learn heaps from.  They follow a path through the […]

Facebook – for help and support
Monday, May 23rd, 2011

I’ve started a Facebook page to go side by side with my blog. I want to use the Facebook page to reach out to more people and form a community based around my videos.  I will be offering help and support for the videos, and my upcoming App and eBooks, there.  I’ll also listen to […]

Restarting Dark Side of the Lens blog!
Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Recently things have been frantically busy for me, and sadly as a result my blog has fallen into disuse. But fear not, as I am sure you were terrified, as it is being resurrected!!! Not only am I resurrecting it, it will be bigger, better, and reaching out into the new world of Mobile Apps […]

Out and about for a few weeks
Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Well, it’s that time of year and I am going off for a break, returning mid February. During this time I’ll not be updating the blog as I will only have sporadic access to the web. Unfortunately comments, questions, requests etc may take a little while for me to get to, but I will get […]

Notification of New Tutorials
Saturday, January 17th, 2009

I have had several people ask me how best to be notified when I put up a new video, as I don’t email everyone to let them know (though I can do so if enough people request it). Well, the best way is to to use the RSS links on the page and you’ll be […]

Your Prints on Canvas
Friday, January 16th, 2009

For years now I have absolutely loved seeing my photos printed on canvas. Canvas is a very forgiving medium, with the ability to hide a wealth of sins in many photos, though it is still the usual case of the better the photo the better the end result. However, due to the nature, especially the […]